Tailored Solutions with Odoo

Adaptability and Efficiency in Every Solution

Custom Odoo Solutions

Transform Your Business Management with Custom Technology

Discover our range of Odoo solutions at Dinn Odoo. From custom modules to advanced implementations, we offer a variety of services to enhance your business management.

Our focus is on providing solutions that are not just technically advanced but also perfectly aligned with the specific needs of your business.

Electronic Billing Automation

At Dinn Odoo, we offer a special solution for companies looking to automate their billing. We implement Odoo's billing module and integrate it with your platform that requires billing automation. For example, in Chile, we configure Odoo with the invoice and receipt module, using the Chilean localization to ensure regulatory compliance and efficiency.

This solution operates through BillMySales, enabling effective integration of ecommerce systems and other digital platforms for optimized and automated billing management.

Modules for the Odoo Marketplace

We develop custom modules for Odoo, available on its Marketplace. These modules are designed to cover a wide range of business functions, ensuring smooth integration and increased operational efficiency.

With a special focus on the needs of the Chilean market, our modules are ideal for both local and international businesses.

IAP Solutions

At Dinn Odoo, we utilize Odoo's IAP functionality to offer additional services and products within the app. This enables users to conveniently and directly access advanced features or specialized services.

Our IAP solutions are designed to enhance the user experience in Odoo, offering customization and expansion options based on each company's specific needs. This results in greater flexibility and operational efficiency for our clients.

Custom Projects on Odoo.sh

For projects requiring deeper customization, we work with Odoo.sh, where our team develops tailored solutions. This approach fully leverages Odoo's potential to address complex business challenges.

Our expertise and ability to work on the Odoo.sh platform ensure that each project is robust, scalable, and perfectly tailored to the client's requirements.